Are you wondering whether which javascript framework or library you should choose or why you should prefer doing front-end development with React js?

Then, you must specify criteria to choose a framework.

Such as the chosen front-end framework should be:

  • Easy To Learn
  • Faster Development
  • Trending Currently
  • Must have great scope in future

There’s no doubt to say that React stands out according to the above-defined criteria as compared to other top front-end frameworks and libraries.

Front-end development with react js

Front-end Development With React js:

React is an open-source front-end library developed by Facebook under their experienced software engineer Jordan Walke. Initially, React was designed to solve a few complex maintainabilities and network issues of the Facebook app. It’s considered to be renowned and the most stable framework up till now. Its unique development features and UI design components make it top-rated and robust.

Note: React js is not a framework but a javascript library specifically designed to build User interfaces. Sometimes it’s considered as a framework due to its extensive resusability features. The only difference between a library and a framework is the inversion of control.

Top React Js Features

  1. React Js allows you to develop interactive & engaging interfaces in a short time.
  2. React js is a javascript library used to develop various compatible features for front end applications.
  3. React Js uses virtual DOM which reduces website load and avoid issues in front-end development.
  4. React js library has 3 million users and compatible with other libraries such as Node js, Angular Fluxy, RefluxJS, JQuery Ajax & many more.
  5. React js components includes few advanced features such as React developer tool, Data binding, React Hooks, React concurrent Mode.


  • The reusability feature of the react js library makes it an efficient one and saves a lot of time.
  • React also has an adaptability feature and can integrate with various front-end frameworks such as Node js & Laravel (PHP framework).
  • It has simplex and easier syntax to implement as it uses JSX extension which consists of simple syntax lines like HTML.
  • The virtual DOM allows fast and effective performance as well as it’s compatible with dynamic web applications.
  • React also has good SEO compatibility features and enacts smooth web performance.
benefits of learning Front-end Development With React js

Let’s dive deep into the top 6 reasons that why you should prefer front-end development with React.

1. Influencing User Interfaces

A high-quality, rightly build, and engaging user interface is needed for every digital business thus there can be no compromise on front-end user interfaces. So, React Js is one of the conspicuous Javascript libraries for you to create an engaging and user-friendly web interface according to your targetted audience.

It’s not possible to get high traffic and potential customers with poorly build websites, the users only tend to engage with high quality and effective UI’s. That’s why React is highly recommended for UI development among all-new front-end technologies due to it’ virtual DOM & various declarative components.

how to learn Front-end Development With React js

2. Easy To Learn

Expert says that React js learning has made a lot easier; you can surely learn and practice it in few months then you’ll be able to build things efficiently.

It’s an easily understandable library with a bunch of amazing FREE tutorials available on Google and Youtube. Initially, every technology seems difficult to start but regularity and step-by-step progress will make you an expert in React Js within a short time span. Then you’ll be ready to offer your services in different IT firms or freelancing platforms.

But make sure to have strong Javascript concepts before moving towards React js. A developer with great javascript skills finds it extremely easy to learn. React is also helpful to learn Plain Javascript without libraries, it’s also called Vanilla Javascript which is extremely helpful for you to understand and clear your core Javascript concepts.

how to learn Front-end Development With React js

3. Fast & Efficient Development

It’s always preferred by companies to use an efficient Javascript framework and library to enhance overall productivity. React offers multiple reusable components which enable you to complete the development process in a short time. That’s why it seems to be the top priority of front-end developers and different IT companies.

The React Developer tool, Virtual DOM, and data binding enact great usability and have made the work a lot fast. Basically, the React Developer Tool is an extension that can be installed on Google and Firefox browsers. It allows you to inspect, examine different components and their states. The Virtual DOM is used to avoid high load and issues that occur during modification. It ensures high-quality maintenance and error-free performance which leads to an excellent user experience.

The React Structure is based on downward Data Binding which ensures that any changes made in any child component will not impact its parent. It’s merely possible to transfer data from parent to child and the updated states are passed to child components only.

That’s the beauty of React js that it offers hands full of functional components which allows you to add desired features with less code. The architectural pattern of React is built in such as way that there’s regular and direct communication between its components, whenever you will change one component it will automatically change in other sections too without changing them individually.

why to choose React js

4. Flexible Technology

Interestingly, React can be used with any other framework or library. For Instance, Mern is highly popular among other web technologies in order to develop fast-paced and efficient web-based software products such as Saas(Software as a service). Mern is the combination of MongoDB, Express, React & Node Js where React proved to be flexible enough with other libraries to fulfill all functional requirements.

Many web experts prefer React and Angular with Node js to attain their client-side and server-side requirements respectively. In short, React offers you a free hand to get your desired features with customization, high readability, easy maintenance & clean code.

how to learn Front-end Development With React js

5. Trending Now With Great Future Scope

In the last few years, React is trending and explicitly has a bright future ahead. Explicitly, if web technology is preferred by a large number of people then surely it’s offering them high quality and efficient output.

The front-end development with React js has skyrocketed in a short time with its increasing users day by day. It’s adopted by many tech giants such as Facebook, Dropbox, Khan Academy, CodeAcademy, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, Walmart, Tesla Motors, IMDb, and so on. As Facebook is supporting React and it’s trusted by the top companies like Paypal; the popularity and authenticity of React have been increased to a large extent.

It’s also preferred by various Saas-based tech startups from IT, Marketing, and blockchain technology backgrounds. There are also a bunch of golden opportunities and front-end web development jobs available on various freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Guru. Every other day, companies are looking for potential front-end web development skills for the design and development of their software products.

The following Google trends graph demonstrates the increasing hype of React js for the last couple of years.

React js front-end framework

6. A Strong Community

Today we see a vast community of React developers where front-end developers are helping each other to learn React front-end technology so that they can develop more unique and engaging web components. Now, it’s extremely easy to get information about React framework along with its top-rated tutorials.

While writing this article, React has 6694 contributors, 159,846 public repositories, and 175000 stars on Github. The new learners can access a bunch of FREE React tutorials on Youtube and Google. Different private organizations such as Codeacademy, Treehouse, and khan academy are offering dynamic and in-depth React courses. A newbie struggling with how to learn front-end development must check these resources.

There are also Q/A platforms, forums, and blogs that are extremely helpful to get handsful of practical knowledge such as Quora, Reddit, and StackOverflow. The front-end developers can post their development issues on these platforms and can get required answers or solutions from industry experts.

how to learn React js Framework

Now you exactly know why React is most famous among new front-end technologies all around the globe. The above-mentioned 6 reasons enlighten you that how React js is a robust and easy-to-use front-end framework.

Here you need to understand that despite such flexible and efficient features of React you may need to use any other front-end framework too. Most of the developers tend to compare React vs Angular & Vue vs React. Each of them has its own exceptional features, one single framework may not fulfill all of your needs. You have to choose what’s the right fit for you according to your development requirements.

So are you interested to try React?

Let me know in the comments.


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