If you are looking for React js website ideas for portfolio. You’ve arrived at the right location for react js website ideas!

Showing your abilities effectively is an important component of finding a job in the web development industry. A fully functional single-page app that interacts with an external API could be an ideal place to start for React developers as React js website ideas for portfolio.

You must persuade the hiring manager from React js website ideas for portfolio that you are qualified for the position. Acting like a skilled React developer is the greatest way to demonstrate react js website ideas.

React js website ideas for portfolio

Create React js website ideas for portfolio using the same technologies, frameworks, approaches, and workflows that professional development teams use in the real world. Your new career’s doors will be wide open.

The react js website ideas should be appealing: if you construct your portfolio projects like a pro, your future employer will be more inclined to give you a chance.

You’ll come across as ambitious. You’ll demonstrate that you’re willing to learn and grow by best examples of react websites.

The most important characteristics of a junior developer creating React js website ideas for portfolio. You should ideally have a portfolio that is distinct from that of other people. Just different enough to achieve the reviewer’s interest.

You want a project that is complex enough to demonstrate your abilities. At the same time, it must be modest enough to be completed in a matter of weeks.

Finally, having ready-made designs for React js website ideas for portfolio would be fantastic. You’d be able to do professional workflows with this.

You wouldn’t have to spend as much time handling with the layout either. This collection of react js website builder for your portfolio will help you do just that.

Why Should You Choose React?

It doesn’t matter what motivates you to build your own React js website ideas for portfolio.

You get coding experience; you build something important for your web developer portfolio; you create a CRUD software from the base that is completely yours, and it is always satisfying to do something on your own like examples of react websites.

• React works in the web app development process by making it scalable and uniform.

  •  React is a library with pre-existing code for react js website builder.

• React was invented and is currently maintained by the best developers in the world, the team that created Facebook.

• React is about JSX, which is a JavaScript syntax, which means that if you have first-hand knowledge of JavaScript, you will have no trouble creating your React app.

So, we’ll show you which React js website ideas for portfolio can be a good fit for your future development.

All of these react js website ideas are professional-level cases, as they can be applied in a variety of technological applications.

App For News

The following react js website ideas are the examples of a possible frontend work for the news app:

• Password and username will be entered by the user.

• They specify their choices, such as the type of news they want to receive and their geographic region along with any other relevant information.

Based on their previously chosen configuration, they will now receive a feed of all recent news items that are relevant to them.

In terms of user experience, these type of React js website ideas for portfolio would be most fascinating to do something slightly different or unique here.

A basic “feed” style layout has nothing wrong with it, but you can also attempt something a little more creative or eye-catching in react js website builder.

A news feed is unquestionably a fairly familiar and well-understood idea.

react js website ideas

Clone App

This is one of the classic React js website ideas for portfolio.

Create a duplicate of one of the “usual apps” e.g., Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on. This is a relatively common React project idea, but it’s not without results.

For example, we all, or at least most of us know what Twitter is and how it operates. It’s simple to understand for anybody who is looking at your portfolio, and the purpose of the sample app in your portfolio is immediately apparent.

You could either copy any present app, or you could do something different and create new examples of react websites!

Building a Twitter clone will need a lot of web development fundamentals, therefore it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate to potential employers that you know what you’re doing.

react js website ideas

Blogging Site

Another method to properly use React js website ideas for portfolio is to create a simple CMS for blogging. For a service like Wix, react is merely an option.

You can try to build your store with Sanity.io by default, however, the quickest way is to use a web app builder to create your content management platform.

If you are wondering how much does a react website cost. It depends upon the features and functionalities. The list of functionalities for a React blog will be similar to those of the majority of blog systems. It’s a kind of order relationship system.

For example, you might design components to display the publication initially, then a component to display them in a grid; then you might add upload a picture feature and a mechanism to update and publish a post, and so on for react js example websites.

Various add-ons, such as upvotes, reactions, comments, and displayed views, may be used as next-level options.

React js website ideas for portfolio

A Quiz App

React js website ideas for portfolio concept for a custom quiz app development could be an excellent addition to your react js website ideas portfolio.

You’ll need to keep track of the quiz’s progress and end it when the required number of questions have been answered. The findings can then be reported/feedback to the gamer.

The results page could include some smoothly animated visuals and charts to help explain the linked information if you want to show off your frontend skills with examples of react websites.

This data could contain things like correct/incorrect responses, time spent on each question, and so on.

There are various trivia APIs out there to gather the real questions that you’ll want to give to the user, one of which is Open Trivia DB.

Have some type of persistent storage and then allow users to “share” quizzes with one another for bonus points.

examples of react websites

Workout Tracker / Fitness App

If you want to create a fitness app with React js website ideas for portfolio, this is also one of the popular react js websites for your portfolio.

Fitness apps, like other apps, allow you to track your sports activity throughout the day. Sports apps give us data that we can use in our apps, such as reporting on the number of miles run, sports streaming events with winning odds and scores, or betting apps.

Track your daily sports accomplishments with an app like a fitness tracker or workout tracker, which can be simply built with React, Firebase, and Google Material UI components, for example. If you are wondering how much does a react website cost. It depends upon the features and functionalities.

You can find a comprehensive how-to react js website ideas tutorial on the internet. The core principles and methods for creating a sports app are the same: Authentication and authorization are built into the project, as well as a custom calendar, a database, and a production deployment.

React js website ideas for portfolio

A Dictionary and A Thesaurus App

This is one of the quite straightforward React js website ideas for portfolio.

Using one of the various dictionary APIs available, a user can search for meanings or synonyms of a single term given an input field. A good example is the Merriam-Webster Dictionary API.

These are react js website ideas to start small. Do a good job with this basic component, and then add some further functionality to your sample program.

• A “word of the day” feature received from the API and shown somewhere on the page

• “Save this word” feature; This could be beneficial to creative authors and other creative individuals.

• The ability to “suggest a word.” Return a synonym that is connected to the user’s input at random.

The list could go on and on.

The only limit to the added functionality is your imagination, just like the other examples of react websites on this list!

React js website ideas for portfolio

App For Dating

Tinder is still one of the most popular react js websites dating app in the United States, according to the US dating app Market. More than 7.8 million people use Tinder on a monthly basis, with the majority of them being between the ages of 21 and 44.

If you are wondering how much does a react website cost. It is not that expensive but making your own website for portfolio is the best option.

Yes, making your own dating React js website ideas for portfolio appears to be a difficult task that may be excessively ambitious, but you may begin by developing your own CMS for a popular app like Tinder.

On the other hand, you may create a Tinder for pets using the same method for react js website ideas. Any dating app’s main features will be profile creation and verification, geolocation, matching/unmatching options, push alerts, and, of course, talking.

An App That Verifies “Items”

A simple frontend to interface with one or more of these data “validation” APIs could be one of the interesting React js website ideas for portfolio.

So, the user opens your app and chooses a menu item — “what would you like to validate?”

Their data in this simple react website example is passed into one of the validation APIs, which returns the outcome to them. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

These are really exciting and enjoyable react js example websites to design this type of service. The application could also be useful, depending on the implementation and the correct route you take.

popular react js websites

A Personal Library/Bookshelf App

There is a load of public APIs available for retrieving data on books and literature as it is one of the popular react js websites.

A personal library app could be one of the good React js website ideas for portfolio, where you can search for books you’ve read, books you’re reading, or books you want to read. You may then add them to your virtual collection from here.

It would also be wonderful to be able to put notes on these books as well as give them a rating. For those of us who are familiar, it’s essentially a tiny version of Goodreads.

Only the frontend React component and whichever API you chose to use would be required for the proof of concept of react js website ideas.

You’ll need to create persistent storage to actually save the produced data that is the user’s virtual collection. However, for the sake of getting a proof of concept up for a simple react website example and going, this would not be necessary.

The bookworms among us may find this React project concept particularly appealing.

react js website builder

A Weather Application

There are numerous APIs that return weather data for a specific place, such as the one from Meta Weather as react js example websites.

You can rely on an API like this to provide your portfolio-website-react with any and all data it requires; the implementation just includes talking with the API and then creating a wonderful user experience.

These type of React js website ideas for portfolio appeals to many people since it provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with some good visuals while focusing on the user experience.

Consider a weather app simple react website example with fluidly animated icons and full-screen gradients that shift and vary in response to the weather.

On a cold, rainy day, the screen would be rendered in blues and greys, with a few water drops thrown in for good measure. A sunny day, on the other hand, would have the opposite effect.

There’s a lot of potential for creating a visually appealing experience that’s wholly driven by data that’s been retrieved from somewhere.

react js example websites

Tell us which one of these React js website ideas for portfolio. Share your ideas for portfolios in the comments below!


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