You got interested to learn front-end web development online, you’ve decided or planning to go with a front-end development career in the long run.

Now, the most essential aspect for you is to choose the right and authentic resource to learn front-end web development online with your desired front-end developer skillset. Everyone wants to have an easy and efficient learning resource which could also save time in learning a particular skill.

If you have a burning desire and fire in your belly then definitely you can get started today & it will take you less time in consuming the front-end skills as compared to other time taking professions.

I’ve seen students being stuck with multiple free and paid courses but still, they’re not satisfied, and offered roadmap becomes confusing for them to pursue as a profession as it may not be bringing any fruitful results to them.

learn front-end web development online

Basically, students are not exactly sure what to learn for a front-end web development career.

I totally understand such kinda situation where you don’t know where should you put your trust and attention thus I personally researched over different top-rated courses and websites. And today I’ve come up with the best, updated, and most proficient FREE front-end web development learning sources to make your life super easy.

Let’s have a look at these 5 highly ranked & worth trying front end development courses:

These courses are absolutely FREE and give you the ultimate flexibility to learn anytime and from anywhere. You can start, stop, share and restart anytime after having a break.


The Coursera courses are developed by researchers, experts, and different universities all around the globe. If you wanna get started from the basics of the front-end web development design and coding then this FREE Coursera course is the best choice, to begin with.

learn Front-end Web Development online

You will be able to create interactive front-end web page designs and correct code with advanced features of HTML5 and CSS3. Then, you can move towards Javascript and React front-end courses. Most of the courses are free but you need to purchase a Coursera subscription in order to have their official certification. They make sure each and every student can learn Front-end Web Development online with ease and flexibility, no matter if you’re a newbie or experienced front-end developer.

Check out the following links which will be helpful to learn from beginners to advanced levels:


Pros of coursera course:
  • You can learn from courses free of cost.
  • An excellent user experience
  • A praise worthy instruction quality
  • Builds strong foundation for Javascript and React
  • Highly rated by it’s past and current students

Cons of coursera course :
  • The certification is only offered in the paid subscription.

The Coursera certification will also help you to build your portfolio and enhance the horizon of professional growth. You get unlimited certificates, specialization & advanced courses with its paid subscription. So, just get a chance to refresh and increase your development knowledge with worth trying Coursera courses.


There are a number of amazing front-end development courses on Udemy created by specialists and industry experts. The students not only get the chance to learn the basics of front-end technologies but advanced libraries and frameworks too for an extensive learning experience. The courses also enable you to master javascript and React from beginner to advanced level.

front end development description

With Udemy courses, you also learn to design and build fast and optimized web applications with modern javascript frameworks, React Hooks, API, and Ajax requests. If you want to be a pro in the front-end web development skillset then you should also prefer learning javascript libraries and frameworks.

To get started with Udemy check out the following links for front end development learning:

  1. Foundations of Front-End Web Development
  2. Learn HTML & CSS: How To Start Your Web Development Career
  3. Learn Responsive Web Development from Scratch
  4. Web Design for Web Developers: Build Beautiful Websites
  5. React JS Frontend Web Development for Beginners


Pros of Udemy course :
  • Most of the courses are free of cost.
  • An appreciable coverage of React framework.
  • Easy to sign up and user-friendly environment.
  • Courses are taught by the industry specialists.
Cons of Udemy course :
  • Few courses are quite short.

The uniqueness of the Udemy platform is that they bring an interactive environment and most of the comprehensive front-end web development courses that cover all basics and advanced features.


Edx offers a vast series of Free Front-end Web Development online courses mainly based on web design and development. If you want to stay consistent with the latest trends of front-end development then Edx is the best choice.

what to learn for front end web development

Edx is partnered with the world’s top-ranked organizations like Microsoft, Harvard, Intel, and Berkeley. You learn skills at your own pace and its verified certification enacts a great impression on a professional portfolio.

The students can learn all basics of advanced courses without any payment but there’s a fee associated with the certification. The course covers all of the important elements & coding essentials of HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript. Surely, its one of the top-notch and best options to learn Front-end Web Development online.

Check out the following links, to begin with, the Edx learning program for front end development:

  1. HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals
  2. CSS Basics
  3. JavaScript Introduction
  4. HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices
  5. HTML5 Apps and Games


Pros of EDX course :
  • Free of cost courses
  • Beginners to intermediary lecture’s content
  • Offers excellent user experience
  • Courses are presented by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)
  • Courses are taught by the world’s top instructors from Intel & Microsoft.
Cons of EDX course :
  • The free courses don’t cover advanced javascript libraries & frameworks.

You can freely create your own schedule and timing to take the courses. The average time to complete the front-end development from Edx is 6 to 7 months if you weekly give 5-7 hours to these courses. Edx also gives 14 days return policy after purchasing their premium courses.


Treehouse is a highly valuable platform to learn on-demand front-end skills and tech degree programs. The complete roadmap is designed with curriculum, video lectures, and practical exercises. the treehouse is highly recommended to gain practical skills as they use real-time code editors which show code results straight away along with video courses. Thus, many professional web developers recommend treehouse to learn front-end web development online.

online free web development courses

The Treehouse tutorials cover responsive layouts with HTML, CSS, Javascript objects, and API integrations. This course offers you each and everything which you’ll be required to develop front-end web development projects for yourself and for your clients.

Have a look at the following links to get the training from Treehouse:


Pros of treehouse course:
  • The courses are created by in-house expert teachers thus offer high standard quality.
  • They have a project-based approach so that you can create real-time websites and projects while learning from tutorials.
  • At the end of the training, the student is able to create fully responsive & professional websites.
  • They also help in starting a business and availing professional growth after taking the training.
Cons of treehouse course:
  • Treehouse course material is totally based on videos thus it may not suitable for the people who prefer to read.
  • They doesn’t offer free life time access, you have to pay per month.

Treehouse also offers their online training courses which cost 25$/Month, but these trainings are worth taking as it gives extensive and valuable learning experience. They also give a one-week free trial and a certificate is given after purchasing their paid version.


Codeacademy is best for beginners who want to learn basic structures of both front-end development including HTML, CSS, and javascript. Their tutorials are great for basic web frontend technologies including simple web design and development.

best sites to learn front end development

It’s a self-learning platform where beginners learn to code right away while taking the tutorials. Many developers started their front-end development career from codeacademy. The interface of Codecademy is quite interactive and easy to work with.

Codeacademy is a stroke of luck for those students who still worry that how to learn web development for free. The advanced courses of Codecademy also focus on other javascript frameworks including React, Vue, and angular js.

Have a look at the following front end development courses offered by Codecademy:


Pros of codeacademy course:
  • Codeacademy offers beginner’s friendly learning modules
  • Interactive lessons with daily practice exercises
  • Offers tutorials on 14+ programming languages
  • A vast supportive community
Cons of codeacademy course:
  • Codeacademy doesn’t give any free trial of its paid version and courses.
  • It doesn’t allow to skip the lessons.

A variety of front-end web development courses are offered at codeacademy, just pick the right one according to your choice and get started.

If you’re still struggling to have the best sites to learn front-end development skills for free, then check out the above-mentioned resources to efficiently learn front-end development at your own pace & according to your desired time.

These free online front-end development courses cover almost all essential skills for front-end developers. It offers you highly valuable content with great earning potentials, the only thing you need is the consistency and urge to learn new skills.

front end developer key skills
front end dev job description
how much front end developer earn
front end developer skills set

My vote is for Coursera and Udemy courses due to their dynamic and vast course contents. I’ve personally seen many successful front-end web developers who took these courses, practiced, built their portfolios & now offering profound front-end services to their clients.

So, which course interested you the most from the above list?

Remember! To be successful you just require a steady career path and a willingness to learn new things each day.

Happy learning!

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