If want to learn how to use front-end frameworks. Begin studying ReactJS with passion, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful programming career while doing React js projects for beginners.

Starting with React js projects for beginners and getting fluent with ReactJS is the best approach to progress forward.

You can learn theoretical topics and prepare for professional development problems by working on smaller tasks through javascript react projects.

Once you’ve successfully developed your ReactJS apps as a react projects beginner, you’ll be able to show off your accomplishments to potential employers and land your ideal job.

The development of React js projects for beginners is a self-directed process that’ll be achieved through trial and error.

The work of creating React js projects for beginners from start may appear difficult to a newbie, but there is a trick to making the process easier by dividing an application into smaller components.

React js projects for beginners

Creating React js projects for beginners will allow you to improve your React skills while also allowing you to express yourself creatively as a react projects beginner.

We’ve gathered a collection of react project examples to assist you to get started with React project development. However, before we dive into the details of React projects, let’s take a look at these react projects to build.

Movie Search Engine

This is yet one of fantastic React js projects for beginners for creating a whole online application. ReactJS may be used to create a Netflix-style movie clone.

This is one of the coolest react projects to build, at the very least, which will display the top ten movies of the week and allow you to search the details for movies.

Users can also search for movies, rate them, and examine the total rating of a film in javascript react projects. Capture and user interaction data to improve the accuracy and relevance of movie suggestions as a react projects beginner.

You must think critically when creating the UI and UX for this app because it will focus on user engagement.

To make things even more serious in projects in react js, you can apply a user system that requires users to set their preferences just once before registering as a user, rather than every time they open the program.

You’ll be able to improve your database management skills and learn react js with projects while working on these React js projects for beginners.

You must concentrate on collecting data from app users and processing it in order to provide better recommendations.

react projects to build

Music Player

To make a music player app with the Spotify API or another API of your choice in one of the react js simple projects.

You’ll like working on this type of React js projects for beginners if you’re addicted to listening to music. This project seeks to create a music player that allows users to discover and enjoy music while also learning about React.

Use a music API to make your app able to stream music, and we recommend Spotify Developer API. Your app will have access to a huge library of tracks, artists, and albums thanks to the Spotify API. Additionally, the Spotify API is simple to apply to your program.

If you want the react projects to build app user to log in to their Spotify account and enjoy a tailored music experience, register your music player app with Spotify.

To keep your music player app simple javascript react projects, build it in a way that the user only has to open it, connect to their Spotify account, and start listening to music.

However, you can improve the React js projects for beginners by adding sophisticated features like song suggestions and voice-based search, as well as implementing/testing your other abilities.

javascript react projects

Social Cards

Despite the fact that this is not one of full-blown React js projects for beginners, but rather a component of one, it is a worthwhile project.

There are loads of social card UIs available on the internet. You may discover them on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

 For a newbie, react projects to build a social card is an excellent project idea because it allows you to practice breaking down a UI into React components.

Furthermore, social cards are ideal visual representations for displaying photos alongside essential data.

learn react js with projects

Simple CRM

CRM is one of the most straightforward react project examples. You may list customers and projects or meetings in this ReactJS project, add options for filtering and sorting by different values, add a new user, and delete the user.

It is up to you how many extra features you want in projects in react js. Using Bootstrap for this project is a great choice because it comes with a number of ready-to-use components.

react projects beginner

Meme’s Generator

It’s one of the intermediate-level react js simple projects that might take anything from 1.5 hours to a day to complete.

The goal is to create react projects to build a meme generator that allows users to customize the text on meme images that are automatically taken.

If you are a fan of memes. Most people are, so if you do like memes, creating a meme generator is a great way to get started on react project examples.

If you’re new to React, you may construct a simple meme generator that allows users to make memes right away.

The concept is to use an API to take random meme images, then allow users to add custom text to the top and bottom of the image.

You’ll need to include two different input fields in your meme generator, one for the text and one for the image.

You can also design your own database to store meme photos and fetch them from it.

You may also improve the React js projects for beginners functionality by allowing users to create and log in to their accounts, save memes, and share them on other social media platforms.

projects in react js

E-Commerce Application

E-commerce apps such as Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and others have been at the top since e-commerce became widespread. These apps have become a necessary part of our daily life.

As a result, developing working e-commerce React js projects for beginners will demonstrate that you have real-world skills in keeping up with industry developments. You will, without a doubt, become a desirable applicant in the eyes of future employers.

Remember, we’re talking about creating small e-commerce react project examples that focus on a specific industry, not a massive marketplace like Amazon or eBay.

You might build your e-commerce app react js simple projects around any industry that interests you, such as electrical devices mobile phones, TVs, computers, and so on.

Your e-commerce app react js final year project can deliver both goods and services. In any case, you must ensure that customers may receive flawless customer assistance in addition to exploring items or services.

This is critical for react projects to build success since all-around customer support and a positive user experience are two essential components of every successful app.

When it comes to app features, make the layout and interface simple and easy to navigate, and provide a delivery location option, a shopping cart, and a Wishlist.

Ensure that the checkout process includes the required authentication choices as a guest or registered user.

 For constructing a storefront React js projects for beginners that display the products/services, Create React App or Gatsby are fantastic solutions.

Algolia is ideal for quickly designing a product search interface. The checkout process is handled by Netlify/AWS Lambda. Stripe/react-stripe-elements for payment processing management. Snipcart allows you to create a shopping cart and manage the items in it.

React js projects for beginners


To store and run the calculator app, use the Create React App package to create a direction.

The fundamental idea behind this type of React js projects for beginners is to create a calculator that can perform all of the basic mathematical calculations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentage.

To make even a simple calculator for react js final year project, you’ll need to set up all of the individual components, construct a shared interactive platform, and set up a support system to deal with failures, crashes, and bugs.

However, by adding more complicated features, such as those found in a scientific calculator, you can upgrade your calculator React js projects for beginners from simple to advanced.

Building a calculator may appear straightforward, but if you’re new to React, you’ll gain a lot of experience and learn react js with projects as you design different components, render data based on user inputs, and debug app code.

If you want to be creative, you can add more interesting features to it.

react projects to build

Construct An Expense Tracker

This is a fun app idea for learning React js projects for beginners, where you’ll create a complete expense tracker utilizing React Hooks and the Context API.

At the very least, your software should allow users to enter expenses, categories them, and display information such as how much money was spent on meals, education, entertainment, bills, and travel.

If you need a resource, there are YouTube videos that will show you how to react projects to build step by step.

You’ll use hooks useState, useContext, useReducer, and the context API to convert a vanilla JS cost tracker app into a React app in this react js final year project.

react js project github
Weather forecast app ux ui design mockup vector

Create A Cryptocurrency Tracker App

In these React js projects for beginners, you will design a cryptocurrency tracker app that runs on your phone and includes features such as real-time cryptocurrency price tracking.

Because React Native allows you to construct cross-platform apps, you can actually publish this app on the App Store or Google Play Store. The projects in react js can be built with React.js, React Native, and Firebase, with Firebase serving as the backend.

If you get stuck in react js final year project, take a look at various online free resources to learn how to create a Crypto Currency Tracker App using React and React Native.

react js simple projects

App For Weather

This is one of the excellent react project examples who are new to the language. It’s a simple project to code — you can finish it in just a few hours! You must create a weather app that can display a 5-day weather forecast for this assignment.

You can use fake, hard-coded data in this app until all of the features are correct.

The weather app react js final year project should include all of the essential features, such as the city name, current weather icon, temperature, humidity, wind speed, and so on.

It must show the daily high and low temperatures, as well as appropriate graphics for sunny/rainy/cloudy/snowy weather situations. It should have a responsive design and update with the current temperature and weather conditions every five minutes.

Include a feature that allows the user to see the hourly forecast by clicking on a specific day of the week. React Router should be added to the app as npm install react-router.

To add routes, check out internet resources. Routes that can show the 5-day forecast, as well as the name of the day and the hourly forecast for that day, for example.

To get a free API key and a 5-day prediction, sign up for the Open Weather Map. Then include this information into your app. You may use a graphics library like VX to make the React js projects for beginners even fancier.

javascript react projects
Weather forecast app ux ui design mockup vector

App For Entertainment

The most comprehensive app the entertainment React js projects for beginners has been kept for last which will help you to learn react js with projects.

Entertainment apps are mostly concerned with media content, such as movies, music, and podcasts. Entertainment apps include Netflix, Audible, Spotify, and Soundcloud, to name a few. Surprisingly, we now have a load of entertainment apps that are closely linked to social networking.

The best example of a social media react js project github entertainment app is TikTok. It is designed with high user involvement and offers short video clips generated by individuals.

Then there’s YouTube, which encourages user participation via subscriptions, likes, and comments.

But your react js final year project will be far less complicated than any of these well-known apps. Choose a form of entertainment that most interests you and base your app around it.

The concept is to create entertainment React js projects for beginners where users can log in and see and bookmark their favorite material. After you’ve set up the essential functions, you may experiment with social features that allow users to like, share, and comment on the app’s content.

For the app’s user interface, you can utilize React App, Next.js, or Gatsby. Algolia and react js project github is the best media search engine name for audio tracks, movies, podcasts, etc. react-player is an npm package that allows you to play media. Cloudinary/Firebase can be used for storage for media content uploads.

Tell us which of the React js projects for beginners you liked the most. Share your interesting react js final year project with us, we’ll gladly post them in our blogs!


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