Have you ever stuck with the question that which one is the best front-end framework for you? No worries, we’re offering you a free, detailed and latest guideline about top 4 trending front end frameworks in 2022.

With continuous web development progress, the trends of the latest front-end technologies are also continuously changing with more and more sophisticated web features. These top front-end frameworks and libraries have made your complex web tasks more flexible and efficient.

Best front end frameworks 2020
Top 4 trending web frameworks 2020

Everyone wants ease in developing user interfaces with proficient maintainability and effective architecture. You can also choose top front-end framework skills and technologies according to your needs and desire. I believe it’s not necessary to stick to a single front-end framework, you should change your choices according to time and trend.

So, let’s dive into the top & popular front-end frameworks to make our front-end development process a modernized and smartest one.

React js:

React is an open-source front-end framework developed by Facebook under their experienced software engineer Jordan Walke. He designed this framework to solve a few complex maintainabilities and network issues of the Facebook app. It’s considered to be the most stable framework in all top 4 trending front-end frameworks in 2021 for front-end web applications and networking.

The virtual DOM capabilities of React make it unique and the best option for developers. It allows you to use various isolated components as well as you can upgrade your system anytime. React Hooks and concurrent mode makes it responsive and flexible to use

react js
react js component
react js UI
react js framework
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  1. React Js allows you to develop interactive interfaces in less time.
  2. React js is a javascript library used to develop compatible features for front end applications.
  3. React Js uses virtual Dom which access merely modified components rather than the whole page.
  4. React js framework has 3 million users and compatible with multiple libraries such as Fluxy, RefluxJS, and JQuery Ajax.
  5. React js components includes few advanced features such as React Hooks, React concurrent Mode, and React native js.
  • The reusability feature of the react js framework makes it an efficient one and saves a lot of time.
  • React also has an adaptability feature and can integrate with various front-end frameworks such as Laravel (PHP framework).
  • It has simplex and easier syntax to implement as it uses JSX extension which consists of simple syntax lines like HTML.
  • The virtual DOM allows fast and effective performance as well as it’s compatible with dynamic web applications.
  • React also has good SEO compatibility features and enacts smooth web performance.
  • This open-source front end framework is just suitable for a few front end frameworks, not the latest backend frameworks.
  • It depicts poor documentation for front end technologies due to the continuous updating of its features.
  • The features of the JSX extension is difficult to understand.
  • It has a long learning curve So, front end developers must invest enough time to understand and implement it.
  • React Js is continuously evolving thus developers also need to upgrade their front-end development skills with time which becomes troublesome.
Source: stateofjs.com

Top websites developed by using React:

  • Facebook
  • DropBox
  • Netflix
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Codeacademy

Vue js:

Vue js is an open-source front-end framework including in the top 4 trending front-end frameworks in 2021. It’s continuously progressing since it was developed. Vue.js is a lightweight framework delivering high-performance and creative UI designs. It’s said to be the lighter version of the angular framework. 

A Google developer, Evan You presented the idea of Vue.js and implemented the best features of React and Angular. So that it can work as the most flexible and easiest front-end framework to offer the best performance among all open-source front-end frameworks.

Vue js
Vue js component
Vue js UI
Vue js framework
Source: Vuejs.org


  1. It is a full-fledged framework with improved and advanced web development features.
  2. Vue.js library includes a logical structure used to develop various components and web applications.
  3. The size of Vue.js is smaller as compared to other frameworks thus it also enact high performance.
  4. Vue.js UI has few dev tools extensions which allow developers to make certain changes manually.
  5. Vue.js includes HTML patterns thus developers can start using Vue.js framework after understanding and implementing javascript and HTML.
  • Vue.JS framework enumerates simplicity and clarity that’s why it’s easy to learn and implement in a short time in contrast with other top javascript frameworks.
  • The logical structure of the Vue js framework enables many developers to create reusable components and flexibility in various projects.
  • Vue js significantly offers integration and flexibility due to its devtools extensions.
  • Vue UI doesn’t require many libraries and has easy configurations because of its built-in MVC.
  • It offers you extensive and clearly defined documentation which is the reason for this front end framework’s popularity.
  • Vue.js has fewer job opportunities as compared to react and angular as currently its mostly being used in the US and China but the rest of the has not adapted it fully yet.
  • There’s also a language barrier among various plugins as many of them are written in Chinese.
  • Vue UI framework has a relatively small community as compared to react and other top front-end frameworks.
Source: NPM Trends

Prominent websites developed by using Vue:

  • Gitlab
  • Font awesome
  • Behance
  • Nintendo
  • Wizzair

Angular js:

Angular web framework was developed by Google to address the incrementing needs of advanced web and mobile applications. It has a typescript language, unlike react and Vue. Angular js also offers two-way binding and real-time synchronization so that you can directly view the changes being made while implementing them.

You can easily develop a multiple-page app with Angular and it offers you numerous libraries to work on your task effectively. Thus, it’s opted by a large number of developer communities and considered one of the major frameworks in the top 4 trending front end frameworks in 2021. 

Angular js
Angular js component
Angular js UI
Angular js framework
Source: nextpng.com


  1. Angular js works on MVC patterns which makes this web framework dynamic and versatile.
  2. It has a smooth structure made by using HTML thus Angular UI easy to use and comprehend.
  3. Angular js framework quickly creates UI views, templates and supports multiple addons to enhance flexibility.
  4. It also offers you a routing feature to move from one page to another in multiple page applications.
  5. The angular framework also uses strategies of Ionic and Cordova frameworks to offer cross-platform experience.
  • Angular UI framework significantly reduces the amount of code due to its two-way binding feature.
  • It offers usability and ease to a large extent because of TypeScript and its component-based architecture.
  • Angular js framework enables you fast and effective server performance as it allows a bunch of external integrations.
  • You can also enjoy its third-party integration facility to enhance the features of your web and mobile applications.
  • Angular js also has a vast community of developers all around the world to help and support.
  • It is mandatory to learn Typescript before using Angular js which is challenging for beginners.
  • Angular JS has a much bigger size as compare to react and Vue js frameworks thus not recommended for small applications.
  • It’s troublesome to migrate your applications from one angular version to another.
  • Angular js component also has few accessibility issues with search engines that’s why doesn’t offer better SEO.
  • Angular js framework has tough learning scenarios thus difficult to learn as compared to other frameworks.
Source: Google Trends

Famous websites developed by angular:

  • Gmail
  • Paypal
  • Upwork
  • Forbes
  • JetBlue

Ember js:

Ember Js is a component-based and open source javascript framework. Unlike other technologies, it uses MVVW(Model-View-ViewModel) architecture. Ember js framework also uses a two-way binding feature to develop complex web and mobile applications.

It’s developed by Yehuda Katz, one of the prominent developers of JQuery. It has a command-line interface tool used to enhance productivity and flexibility. Ember js brings vast compatibility and you can develop various huge applications in a short time.

ember js
ember js component
ember js UI
ember js framework
Source: emberjs.com


  1. The latest versions of Ember offer immense bug fixing capabilities and performance improvement features.
  2. Ember has multiple addons capabilities to develop desired applications and custom solutions.
  3. This framework consists of components, controllers, routes, handlers, and different add-ons stuff.
  4. It is developed to fulfill sophisticated web technological needs. Ember is compatible with the Cordova framework to develop complex applications.
  5. Ember has a CLI tool to manage dependencies and faster prototyping.
  • Ember js is considered to be the fastest and well-defined framework as compared to other web technologies.
  • This framework offers long-term support, rich architecture, and maintenance.
  • It offers the best documentation with concise and up to date data.
  • Ember js framework has URL support and data binding features which give high performance.
  • The control system of Ember is adaptable enough and allows to switch between various updated versions.
  • Ember js is said to be one of the hardest front-end frameworks to learn.
  • It’s not flexible enough, a developer has to invest more time as compared to other frameworks.
  • Ember js framework is not recommended to develop small applications using Ember as it becomes quite heavy.
  • It has a complex structure of syntax as well as not good enough for updates.
  • Ember has a quite small community of its developers and less popular as compared to other top front-end frameworks.
Source: stateofjs.com

Popular websites developed with Ember:

  • PlayStation
  • LinkedIn
  • Squareup
  • Apple Music
  • Intercom


All in all, every top front-end framework caught our eye for some reason. So, everyone has to choose his required framework among these top 4 trending front-end frameworks in 2022 based on inclination, trend, and project demands.

Well, my vote goes to React as it has proved to be the best front-end framework owing to reusability, synchronization, and routing system. The future certainly belongs to React frontend technology with millions of front-end development opportunities ahead. You’re utterly allowed to choose the best one according to your understanding and requirements.

Remember! Those who’re going to evolve with technology are going to have the brightest future in the digital world. Thus, you should not master merely one front-end framework but evolve yourself with changing technology.

So, have you decided which front-end framework you’re going to pursue? Don’t forget to share it with me.


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